Kuusamo Nature Photo

XXV Nature Photo Festival

10-13 September 2020

Welcome to the 25th international Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival! For numerous top nature photographers, the Kuusamo festival is firmly woven into the rhythm of the year. This event presents an opportunity to enjoy the famous Kuusamo wilderness as well as the images and company of the best nature photographers in the world.

The festival arrangements are well on their way, but due to the effect of the Corona virus pandemic the organisers will announce the final programme and performers as soon as it is confirmed that the festival can be held this year.

 Kuusamo Nature Photo

Nature Photo Competition

1 May–10 July 2020

Kuusamo Nature Photo Competition is an eagerly expected and highly esteemed competition. It gives both professional and amateur photographers an opportunity to become recognized, display their work, and share experiences acquired during their photographic excursions.

The photo competition is open to everyone. As always, the competition comprises four categories. A maximum of five (5) entries can be submitted to each category. In all categories, only basic image editing is allowed: cropping, sharpening, adjusting of tonal values, moderate partial adjustments of the image, removal of sensor dust, noise reduction, etc. The image can be colour-toned or converted into black-and-white. Combining panoramic images, HDR, and focus stacking is permitted in landscape images. The format of the photograph is free. Trick photos or otherwise manipulated images are not eligible for entry!


Competition #coordinatesofnature

Participation in the competition is done via Instagram by tagging the uploaded photographs and videos with hashtags #coordinatesofnature and #kuusamonaturephoto20. The competition is open 1 May–26 August 2020.


@ Kuusamo Nature Photo

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