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Category Hannu Hautala

You can submit images of all natural phenomena to the Hannu Hautala Series, such as landscapes, plants, birds, and mammals. The submitted image should be as natural as possible and convey the atmosphere and situation of the moment it was taken.

The competition entry period for this series is from May 20 to July 31, 2024.

This series bears the name of the legendary nature photographer Hannu Hautala, whose inspiration led to the creation of the Kuusamo Nature Photo event.

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Take part in Category Hannu Hautala – Proceed to payment
  • Who can participate? What kind of images can I submit?

    • The photo competition is open to everyone. Citizens of any country can participate.
    • You can submit images taken at any time. The image can be taken from anywhere in the world.
    • You can also participate with previously published images as well as images that have been entered in other competitions, both domestic and international.
    • The images must be taken by the participant, and they must have all the rights to the images.
    • If the images feature identifiable people, the photographer must have their consent for publication.

    How do I submit the images?

    • Submissions to the competition can only be uploaded through the competition entry form
    • Once uploaded, the images cannot be edited or removed from the server
    • A maximum of five (5) images can be submitted to each category

    How do I name the images?

    • Please refrain from writing the photographer’s name on the images. Watermarks, graph names or logos may not be added to images.
    • The metadata of each image must contain the photographer’s name, email address and telephone number
    • The name of the image files should show the title of the series and the name of the work. For example, hannuhautala_fairy_slipper

    NB! A separate entry form must be filled in and submitted to each category you wish to enter.

  • In this category, only basic image editing is allowed (such as cropping, sharpening, adjustments of tonal values, moderate partial adjustments of the image, removal of sensor dust and noise reduction). The image can be colour-toned or converted into black-and-white. Combining panoramic images, HDR, and focus stacking is permitted in landscape images.

    The format of the image is free.

    Digitally manipulated images are not eligible for entry.

    The entries to this category must be submitted only as digital files, with the highest possible jpg quality. The measurement of the longest side is 1920 pixels (width or height). The files can be digitized from slides or negatives.

    Original Files

    • You do not need to send original files when submitting your entries.
    • All awarded photographers will be asked to send the original image/image files in August at the latest.
    • The original file must be sent to the jury within one week from the request.
    • Original files are original untouched camera files: RAW, DNG, CR2, NEF, TIF, etc. In case of scans of slides or negatives, the original file is the slide or negative.
  • Entry fee
    • After you have registered and paid your entry fee, you will receive a registration code to your email
    • You will receive a receipt of the payment by email from Eventz International Oy, which collects entry fees on behalf of Nature Photo and Kuusamo Town (Kuusamon kaupunki)
    • After receiving a registration code for your chosen category, return to the Kuusamo Nature Photo site
    • Submit your entries and fill in your contact information here
    • Please note that all entries must be uploaded at the same time

    The entry fee for categories Hannu Hautala and Art of Nature is 30 euros altogether.

  • The winners will be selected by a jury comprised of Jonna Kalliomäki (Chair), Paavo Hamunen, Mika Honkalinna, and Kaisa Sirén (rotating jury member).

    In this category, prizes will be awarded to the best 5 (five) images. Additionally, there will be three (3) honorable mentions. The first prize is 2000 euros. Please note that the cash prizes for the Hannu Hautala and Nature Art series are considered taxable earned income according to the Income Tax Act.

    The judging of the photo competition will take place in early August, and the 8 (eight) participants who are among the best will be contacted during August.

    Each photographer competing in the top eight will receive an invitation to participate as a guest at the Kuusamo Nature Photo event.

  • The photographer retains full image rights to their own competition photo.

    The images must be taken by the participant themselves, and they must have all rights to the images. If the images feature identifiable individuals, the photographer must have their consent for publishing the photos.

    The participant is responsible for the appropriateness of the content in the images.

    The competition organizer has the right to publish the names of all award winners and honorable mentions in the communication and marketing channels they choose.

    The event organizer may use award-winning and honorable mention images as part of the event and photo competition marketing, including in a photo presentation or exhibition featuring the selected images.

    The competition organizer is not responsible for technical issues resulting in non-delivery of submissions. The competition organizer reserves the right to disqualify individuals from the competition if they have violated the rules or are suspected of using dishonest means to participate.

    By participating in the competition, the participant accepts the competition rules and decisions made by the competition organizer.

    The competition organizers do not collect participants’ contact information, pseudonyms, or other details for direct marketing purposes. Participant information is solely used for the execution of the competition and to deliver prizes to the winners.

    The competition organizer reserves the right to make any necessary changes related to the competition.

More information on the competition

  • With inquiries regarding the competition please contact Jury Chair Jonna Kalliomäki
  • With inquiries regarding image uploading please contact Director of Culture Ulla Ingalsuo-Laaksonen