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Nature Photo Competition

The Kuusamo Nature Photo 2024 photo contest, kicking off in May, eagerly awaits participants!

In addition to the legendary Hannu Hautala and Nature’s Art series, the photo contest includes an Instagram REELS video series and a Children and Youth Instagram series.

The Kuusamo Nature Photo photo contest is open to all, and participants can also submit previously published photos as well as photos submitted to other photography competitions both domestically and internationally. The photos must be taken by the participant themselves, and they must have all the rights to the images. If identifiable individuals appear in the photos, the photographer must have their consent to publish the images.

Participants in the competition commit to following the rules of the contest. Instructions for submitting photos can be found in the series-specific information. An exhibition featuring the awarded photos will be curated at Kuusamotalo.

  • The competition is open to everyone. Previously published images as well as images that have been submitted to other competitions are eligible. The images must be the original work of the photographer and she/he must be the sole owner of all rights of the photographs. If there are identifiable people in the photographs, the photographer must have permission from those people to publish the images.

    By entering the competition, a photographer agrees to follow the competition rules.

    The competition is open during 15 May-31 July 2021. Detailed instructions for submitting images are found under each category.

    The Instagram Competition categories are open during 15 May–26 August 2021.

    The awarded images will be gathered into an exhibition that will be on display at Kuusamo Hall in September. Afterwards, the exhibition will also tour various nature centres owned by Metsähallitus.

  • Entries to the competition can only be submitted in digital format online. A maximum of five (5) entries can be submitted to each category. The entries can be uploaded at the category page. The upload link will close on 31 July 2021 at 23.59 (11.59 PM).

    Check each category page for details on how to take part in the competition.

  • The competition jury comprises Jonna Kalliomäki (Chair), Paavo Hamunen and Mika Honkalinna (permanent jury members), and Terhi Tuovinen (changing jury member).

    By entering the competition, a photographer agrees to follow the competition rules. The jury can disqualify an image that breaks the rules even after the selection and announcement of the winning images. The decisions of the jury will be final.

    The results will be announced at our website and our social media outlets. They will also be widely covered in the media.

  • The organiser of the competition i.e. the Kuusamo Town Department of Culture has the right to use the awarded images free of charge for the purpose of Kuusamo Nature Photo news coverage and marketing in both print and electronic media, and also in the touring exhibition presenting the results of the competition. In addition, Kuusamo Nature photo may show any non-awarded photos free of charge in a multimedia presentation about the competition, which will be shown when the winners are announced at Kuusamo Hall.

    The results of the competition and the winning images will be published on Kuusamo Nature Photo website and other social media outlets, as well as in various newspapers and on their websites and on other news channels. Images entered into the competition or their rights will not be sold to a third party, nor will the images be used commercially without a separate consent from the photographer.

Kuusamo Nature Photo 2022 winners

Kuusamo Nature Photo 2022 palkitut