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Nature Destinations

Kuusamo is surrounded by magnificent nature destinations. The national parks of Oulanka, Riisitunturi, Hossa and Salla (opening soon), as well as many other interesting natural sights are only an easy distance away. These scenically unique destinations welcome hikers and photographers all year round.

The landscape of northeast Finland is characterised by rugged forests, fast-flowing rapids, beautiful hills and clear-water lakes. Gorges, canyons and river valleys shaped by glacial meltwater are destinations sought after by nature photographers, hikers and adventurers. Each of our eight seasons is a perfect time for a wilderness excursion.

South of Lapland, Kuusamo is the only region where the variation of elevation exceeds 200 metres. Two dozen hilltops reach the height of 300 metres, and the highest fells of Valtavaara, Iivaara, Rukatunturi, Konttainen, Kuntivaara and Pyhävaara rise to almost 500 metres above sea level.