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At the Kuusamo Nature Photo festival, visitors can expect a diverse exhibition lineup, including the familiar Year’s Nature Photos 2023 exhibition, the best of the Kuusamo Nature Photo image competition, and much more. The main exhibition for 2024 is Juha Suonpää’s “Nordic Lynx.”

Juha Suonpää continues his artistic series on large predators with the “Nordic Lynx” photo exhibition. In addition to the exhibition, there will be a video installation and the “Metsän kissa” photo art book, supporting the Nature Heritage Foundation’s Lynx Forest collection. The impactful work initiated by the film to defend coexistence and sustain discussions will continue through associated events, where Suonpää shares words and images of lynxes and their collaboration.

“In the midst of the sixth wave of extinction, we only have hope if our understanding of solidarity grows by observing our friends of other species.

It is important to speak for the oppressed living beings because the better we know them, the harder and more repulsive it becomes to kill them for amusement or “just to be sure”.

The solutions to our environmental problems are not merely technical. Art awakens us to notice our past ignorance, opening up the possibility for a change.

The aim of my lynx project is to increase environmental awareness through art. Through forest animals, I aim to make visible the diverse array of life surrounding us, the preservation of which requires the construction of a new type of relationship with nature.”

Exhibitions will be displayed both at Kuusamotalo and at the Tourism and Cultural Center Karhuntassu. In 2024, there will also be new locations!