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The Nature Photo Festival is seen and heard all around Kuusamo. In addition to Kuusamo Hall, other central festival venues are Kuusamo College and Ruka.


The festival arrangements are well on the way, but due to the coronavirus pandemic the organisers will announce the final programme and performers as soon as it is confirmed that the festival can be held this year.

  • A meeting with a group of Italian photographers and artists at Kuusamo College. Other featured performers are the Finnish nature photographers Ari-Matti Nikula and Jarmo Manninen.

  • The programme is ceremoniously launched at Kuusamo Hall with the release of two books about Hannu Hautala. Juha Kauppinen has written the texts for Mr Hautala’s book Elämäni kuvat (The Images of My Life), and Juha Metso has set Mr Hautala into his own nature photographs. The texts for this book have been written by Journalist Anna-Stina Nykänen.

    Friday night will culminate with a stage performance called Laulu Suomaan kurjista (A Song For Marshland Cranes), in honour of Hannu Hautala. After the performance local music and some light supper is served at the Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Institute.

  • On Saturday, the winners of the international 2021 Kuusamo Nature Photo Competition are published at the Oulanka Hall.

    During the day, Ville Heikkinen, Katja Ronkainen, Kirsi MacKenzie, Hannu Hautala, Raimo Sundelin, Jan van deer Greef and Jukka-Pekka Metsävainio will present their work and images.

    The day will end with Tjango! concert and a cocktail event hosted by Kuusamo Town at Kuusamo Hall.

  • Sunday’s collection of images will begin with Artistic Director Lassi Rautiainen’s performance called Hukkareissu (Wild Goose Chase). Other performers on Sunday are Asko Salmi, Terhi Tuovinen, Lassi Kujala, Monni Himari, Markus Varesvuo and Johansen Arnfinn.

Concerts and other fun events

  • A Song For Marshland Cranes (Laulu Suomaan kurjista) is a stage performance inspired by the crane photographs of the legendary nature photographer Hannu Hautala. Dancer Heli-Maria Latola and Songwriter-Artist, Music Video Director Jukka Takalo have written a story, which they will also perform.

    In this performance, the big questions regarding Nature and the fate of individuals will intertwine along with the deepening relationship between the crane and the nature photographer. Eventually, the story of one marsh will grow to comment on the entire world and its many contradictions.

    The performance is a fusion of contemporary dance, nature photographs, video, and couplet music. Stylistically, it can be described as an intimate symphony or a couplet opera.

    The multisensory stage design by Costume and Set Designer Veera Vuorenpää enhances the magic of the performance. The scent of the northern Labrador tea, the sweet taste of wild berries. Close your eyes and hear the call of the Wedge of Cranes Airways! The performance is suitable for people of all ages.

    Duration approx. 50 min.

    Place: Oulanka Hall.

    Produced in cooperation with Council of Oulu Region and North Ostrobothnia Summer University.

  • Duo Soiva Siili: Kyösti Salmijärvi plays the guitar and Markus Lampela plays pipes.


    This year, Nature Photo for Children and Youngsters lasts an entire week.

    Starting from Monday, Lauluset, songs and lyrics written to accompany Hannu Hautala’s photographs, will be performed in Kuusamo primary schools by Duo Soiva Siili, namely Markus Lampela and Kyösti Salmijärvi. On Thursday, two Lauluset concerts will be performed at Kuusamo Hall.

    The Festival is opened to students of Kuusamo secondary schools and sixth form college already on Friday afternoon, with a performance of A Song For Marshland Cranes at Oulanka Hall.

  • Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival is more than just magnificent images and photographers – it is an opportunity to learn new skills and ideas. During the festival, several workshops are organised around Kuusamo. This programme will be updated later.

  • Tjango!

    Tjango! is a Finnish quartet composed of fiddle, accordion, guitar and double bass. The band members represent a wide range of genres from contemporary folk to classical and jazz. Their greatest inspirations are Jazz Manouche guitar master Django Reinhardt and Astor Piazzolla’s tango nuevo, a combination that produced the group’s name. However, from the shadow of role models, the band’s path has led to a very original mix. It is strong in folk and rhythm music, and also the clang of classical music is still involved. Renowned for their charismatic live performances, the band also draws inspiration from Nordic folk, bluegrass and bossa nova.

    kuva: Jari Heikkilä