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Nature Photo Competition XXVI Results

First Place: Tuomas Heinonen – Fern Forest

“An unequalled moment which, after the initial feeling of astonishment, fills the viewer’s mind with a variety of contentual images and technical questions. The proportions in the image seem to be merrily upside down: light filtering through the treetops enters from another dimension to the world underneath the foliage, where in all logic the roe deer should be too big to fit. The willowy legs of the deer form a beautiful comparison with the forest of bracken fern stipes.”


Second Place: Petri Koivisto

“The art of nature photography at its best. Like an epic poem, the reflection of a cloud forms a unity with the ancient, beautifully shaped moss-covered pine lying in the golden sand by a clear-water lake, creating an image than can be viewed slowly and at length.”


Third Place: Camilla Sipponen – Taken by Torrent

“Goldeneye in the stream. A fine, painterly image that offers the mind two interpretations: biological or deeply human. Depicted in the image is either an aquatic bird in its element, or the last glance of a dying individual from the swirls of the stream. The warm-tuned tone functions as a good contrast to the power of the stream.”


Fourth Place: Jaana Kotamäki – Dance Frame

“A splendid image of the “fight hug” of brown hares, in which the posture of the animals has been captured at the most opportune moment. Despite the gravity and seriousness of the action, the image also portrays unintentional comicality. The monochrome tones accentuate well the vertical and horizontal lines of the hares’ battleground.”


Fifth Place: Ari-Matti Nikula – Testing the Distance

“As a follow-up to the theme of battling hares, the focus of this image is on mountain hares. Motion stopped at an appropriate moment is continued in the viewer’s mind and, together with the puff of snow raised by the paws, generates a dynamic atmosphere. Strong artificial backlight creates additional drama, and the icing on the cake is the snowfall.”


Honourable Mention: Anna-Liisa Pirhonen

“A bird under the water is not an easy subject to photograph, but here the task has been managed beautifully. Distorted by water, the expression and form of the male goldeneye generate a slightly humorous impression just a blink of an eye before the bird bobs up on the surface. The yellow tones of the bottom and the blue tones of the surface play well together and function finely as levels for the bird diving between them.”


Honourable Mention: Tuomo Björksten – Little Predator

“A shot deviating from the fox imagery so often featured in recent years? Nothing cute this time! Nature is simultaneously both gentle and warm, but also harsh and cruel, and its laws should be learnt already at a young age. The expression on the little fox’s face says it all! A striking shot where the composition and the tight, almost brutal cropping support well the message conveyed by the image.”


Honourable Mention: Kirsi MacKenzie – Treasure

“A touching image, where the viewer is quietly and devotedly guarding the birth of life. Floating above it all, blessing the event and protecting it, the cluster of golden balls of light wonderfully sheds its light on the fish eggs, whose reflection is repeated on the patterning in the frog’s eye. Life goes on.”

First Place: Timo Vesterinen – Song for Spring

“An image with strong atmosphere, offering nothing finished or interpretative. Everyone viewing the image will undoubtedly make a unique interpretation based on their own associations. On a general level, the viewer is encouraged to ponder whether the image depicts the poetic lusciousness of midsummer, or perhaps a moment of twilight in March, filled with the fragrant budding of spring and the whistling of blackbirds. As a fascinating addition, the viewer’s reading may even approach some underlying mystic dimensions in the image: what is the “eye” gazing from the middle of the bird form…? The colour range from black via graphite to warm orange is arrestingly fine.”


Second Place: Timo Vesterinen – Autumn Pond

“A fine example of composite photography, in the spirit of Reidar Särestöniemi. The image is completely free of any aftertaste of the composite technique used; the image exists as pure feeling and content rich in aesthetic dimensions, into the depths of which the viewing eye can be fully abandoned, to enjoy the autumnal forest and harmony of colours, stories and fairy tales, reality and another reality, etc.”


Third Place: Teppo Kuusela – A Cosmic Wanderer

“An unusual image of a butterfly motif with slightly surreal dimensions: are we looking into water, a window, space, or where… The colour world in the image is quite extraordinary, cosmically hazy, which is perfect for distancing the image from reality while creating a space for various interpretations, just as a good photograph should.”


Fourth Place: Timo Vesterinen – Autumn Colours on a Rock

“A composite image of colourful rowan leaves, implemented cherishing the traditions of classic still life. A technically successful image that functions especially well as a dialogue of cold and warm tones.”


Fifth Place: Pauli Seppinen – Draught

“In nature photography, things can also be expressed by means of extreme reduction, of which this image is a perfect example. Here the variation of shape, size and rhythms is sparingly effective. The square image size appropriately enhances the subject matter.”


Honourable Mention: Jorma Paasi – Misty Mountains

“By the primordial sea. With the use of long exposure, rocks polished by millions of years rise beautifully from the water into a mat of clouds embracing the mountains. A touch of warmth in an otherwise quite chilly-toned image generates an elegant atmosphere into the picture.”


Honourable Mention: Anna Greus – The Valley of Linnaea borealis

“A delicately sensitive impression of a summer morning, a poetic image that effortlessly bypasses all rulebook instructions for a technically good photograph: done skilfully, all guidelines can easily be ignored. Complete with Linnaea borealis, the fabulous ambience of a misty morning brings a feeling of moist freshness on the viewer’s face.”


Honourable Mention: Jaana Kotamäki – Pyramid

“Morning dew on cobwebs is a popular subject, but here the photographer has succeeded in reaching a new level. The image of cobwebs has grown into something completely different, a likeness of a view from some kind of cyberspace imaging model. The sci-fi feel is enhanced by the cold blue tone and the deep black of the background.”